Daily Schedule

Morning Period

Morning period begins with student check-in. After eating breakfast, children start their day with open ended play, and are encouraged to participate in the following activities. The exact time of these activities may differ slightly from day to day. Fluidity in the schedule avoids untimely interruptions to the children’s focus and self mastery while engaging in their individual interests.

Circle Time 8:00am

Circle time provides an opportunity to discuss the weather, mark the calendar, sing songs, and share stories. 

Work Period 9:00am

Activities are neatly displayed and easily accessible for children, often organized in individual baskets or trays, so that they may independently choose their work from the different areas and progress at their own pace. Children are introduced to new works and activities through silent demonstrations, followed by a discussion. 

Snack 9:30am

Between 9:30am and 11:00am snack options are available in a designated spot in the kitchen where the children can easily access and prepare their own morning snack.

Outdoor Play 11:00am

Everyone gathers outside for a playful circle time. This circle time can include games, yoga, songs, and dancing. Occasionally a peace ceremony will be held. After our circle time, the children spend the rest of the hour engaging in outdoor free-play.

Transition Period

This period represents a shift in the day’s progression, from active work and skillful play, to calm repose. After returning indoors, children nourish their bodies with a plentiful lunch and a replenishing nap.

Lunch Preparation 12:00pm

Lunch time is a great opportunity for the children to learn healthy eating habits, and practice basic life skills. By being involved in meal prep, children gain a better appreciation for the foods they eat, as well as a sense of pride in their culinary accomplishments.

Lunch 12:30pm

Children set their own place at the table and pour their own drink, cleaning up any spills they might make with a sponge or cloth on hand. Staff eat alongside the children. Once finished, the children throw away leftovers and trash (separating compostable items), rinse their dishes, place them in the dishwasher, then help clean the tables and sweep the floor.

Nap 1:00pm

Children set up their own sleep mats. Together we do a few yoga stretches and breathing exercises designed to help relax the body and encourage sleep. Lights are low, soft music is played, and the children lay comfortably on their mats. They may also have a comfort item from home during this time. Those who do not fall asleep within 20-30 minutes may choose to read or do quiet activities.

Afternoon Period

Now that children have recharged their batteries during Transition Period, the day is concluded with a stimulating storytime and imaginative fun. Afterschool sessions begin.

Afternoon Dismissal 3:00pm

Pre-Primary student pick-up time. Afterschool activities begin.

Evening Dismissal 4:30pm

All children have been picked up, and Sprouts closes for the night.